Thomas Crosse

Thomas Crosse (Crossy)

‘Crossy is delighted to be back for another year of Pride Vibes!

Crossy loves pop music and the  chats so being on Pride Vibes is a bit of craic!

Outside of radio, Crossy loves a good pint of Guinness as well as a tasty chipper… the gym does not like both of these which is probably why he doesnt go as much!

Q&A with Crossy

What does Pride Mean to you?

For me, Pride is a celebration with your friends. A day to celebrate yourself and equality!

I think it’s also a day to look back at the people who’ve gone past us that haven’t been able to be themselves… Even for people now who are either afraid, cant or don’t know about being themselves –  You’re marching, shouting for them!


What is your favourite Pride memory so far?

I used to live in Temple Bar behind the front lounge! There was ALWAYS (probably still is) a massive buzz on that street every Pride. We used to put the speakers out the window and play music – we’d be having such a massive party!

What are the ways you like to celebrate Pride?

I only had my First Pride 5 years ago. Before then, i didn’t know much about it. I knew it was there but for some reason i was never around! foolish of me. the more i read up about it, the more i got to know more people in my community and the more i opened my eyes! I realised how important pride is for us and for our friends!

What Song Encompasses Pride for You?

It’s so random but I went to a Kylie gig a few years back and she dedicated ‘all the lovers’ to the lgbtq+ community and for some reason I bawled my eyes out crying! I don’t know why – every pride I think of this song!


If you could share one message this Pride season what would it be?

Look out for each other – have the backs of people who cant stand up!

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